The 7 Best Yoga Poses When Working From Home (and Where to Find Them)

Many people who work from home rarely find the time to get up, stretch and take a break from the screen. If you’re a remote worker, you know the physical and mental stress that sitting in a chair in front of a screen all day can cause.

What if there was an easy way to relax and reduce stress to keep your mind and body active? Fortunately, there is: yoga.

We have compiled a list of some of the best yoga practices that target different parts of your body where you may experience pain after working in your home office for long hours.

1. Yoga for Text Neck

If you spend all day working on your phone or computer, this is the one for you. When you’re on the computer or bend over too long to look at your phone, you develop a feeling of tightness in your neck that makes movement painful.

Practicing this yoga pose helps you resolve issues and restore the natural curve of your spine. You will be able to sit with a straighter back and realign your shoulders and upper back to relieve lower back pain.

This long training YogaWithAdriene is great because it guides you through the poses and takes you on a journey to realign your posture. You start by sitting in a meditative pose with your back tall and straight; then you make small circular movements with your nose.


You also need to engage your shoulders, upper back, and lower back to give yourself the full release experience.

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2. Yoga for Anxiety and Stress

Do you have an imminent deadline? It is normal to feel a little anxious and stressed. With this yoga practice, you can feel anxiety subside, so you can be ready and focused for the tasks ahead.

This relaxing 10-minute stress relief from YogaWithBird focuses on stretching your hips. This is a pose that will require you to fully rest your torso on the yoga mat in complete relaxation.

It focuses on loosening tight muscles and body parts while working on your breathing.

3. Yoga for tapping stumps

Working long hours on a computer, typing on a keyboard, or rocking a mouse can cause finger and wrist cramps.

If you begin to feel stiffness in your wrist or fingers, Virtual hand care has an eight-minute therapeutic sequence to help you improve the flexibility of your hand muscles and joints.

To start, you can sit on your yoga mat or even your work chair and take deep breaths to relax. Then press your palms together and work them up and down in gentle push-ups.

The video explains how to gently massage your fingers to bring deeper relief. This is a great free explainer for yoga beginners.

4. Yoga for stiff back muscles

The scourge of sedentary workers is back pain from sitting for long hours in a chair. If you have trouble with your back muscles, a full yoga stretch is a great way to relax and put yourself at ease.

This yoga practice by Yoga combat master works your hips, shoulders, back and hamstrings. It starts with full stretches to work the tension in your muscles and joints and ends with a relaxing state of savasana, lying completely still.

This practice combines stress release and relaxation techniques, so that you feel calm after a long day.

5. Yoga for Sore Shoulders

Being hunched over the computer for too long puts a lot of strain on your shoulders, leaving you with terrible posture and pain you can’t ignore. This is quite common for remote workers like software developers, customer service agents, or writers.

Poor posture can become real neck (or shoulder) pain, going beyond physical pain and even affecting self-esteem. Luckily, this 10-minute yoga session from Yoga with Tim helps release stored tension in the shoulders and trains your muscles to support your posture, so you get rid of pain for good.

You start by sitting down and doing repeated breathing sequences to open your diaphragm and relax your back. Next are the sequences of elbows and shoulders that go through your entire upper body.

6. Yoga for swollen feet

Sitting or standing for long hours can cause excess fluid in your feet, leaving them swollen. The medical term for this is edema, which is most often caused by gravity. With yoga, you can reduce swelling and quickly improve your feet.

Ann Swanson Wellness teaches a simple yoga practice that helps you reverse fluid buildup in your feet back into your body, so the swelling goes down. You may need a strap to help hold your legs in place, or a pillow and blanket to brace your hips.

For this pose, all you have to do is sit on the wall. Lie on your back and slide as close to the wall as possible, then rest your legs straight on the wall, allowing excess fluid to flow back.

7. Yoga for lower back pain

This is another common challenge for workers who sit for long hours. Mady MorissonStretches for Back Pain offers you a set of stress routines to release tension in the upper, middle and lower back.

It brings you into awareness of your body, allowing you to relax and feel less wrapped up in your back.

Start in a gentle child’s pose, relaxing your hip and lower back muscles, then move into cat-cow pose. Mady Morrison’s routine will easily guide you through the 10-minute routine, ending with a deeply relaxing savasana pose.

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Stay productive through relaxation

Taking time to relax while you work helps with overall productivity. With these yoga poses and practices, you can eliminate your stubborn body pains and have a few minutes to relax while working from home.

This is a win for you because you can relax your mind and also be motivated and productive at work.

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