Sobhita Dhulipala tries out tricky yoga poses; know their benefits

Sobhita Dhulipala has now incorporated yoga into her exercise routine to stay fit. the Made in Heaven The actor recently took to Instagram to share photos in which she can be seen trying out various yoga poses, calling it “baby steps.”

In the photos, Sobhita is first seen doing backbend yoga or chakrasanafollowed by Sarvangasana or Shoulder Pad, Halasana or plow pose, one-leg raise in a seated position, and finally Poorna Bhujangasana or full cobra pose.


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Benefits of yoga asanas

chakrasana: This yoga asana involves intense back bending and energizes the circulatory, nervous and endocrine systems, while improving strength and flexibility. It stretches the abdominal muscles and boosts energy.

Sarvangasana: This yoga posture stretches the shoulders and neck and also tones the legs and buttocks, according to It is also known to calm the brain, stimulate the thyroid and prostate glands and abdominal organs, and improve digestion.

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Halasana: This asana stretches the shoulders and spine and can reduce back pain, headaches, infertility, insomnia and sinusitis. It also stimulates the abdominal and thyroid glands. It further calms the brain and reduces stress and fatigue.

Poorna Bhujangasana: According to, this yoga pose strengthens the spine, improves digestion, blood circulation and the functioning of the liver and kidneys. It also stretches and strengthens the muscles of the body.

It is recommended to try these yoga asanas only under supervision if you are a beginner.