Thursday, September 23 2021
Shilpa Shetty echoes the benefits of yoga in “strengthening” article

Indian actress Shilpa Shetty recently spoke candidly about her secret cheat code for dealing with stress as well as body health with a miracle yoga move.

The movement in question is a low intensity stretch that forces the person to enter a cradle position where only their tailbone and lower back are touching the floor. Its only requirement is to maintain balance and remain stable during the balance exercise.

The star showed off the right posture in an Instagram post and listed its many benefits in a caption that read, “For almost a year now, in one way or another, we’ve all been in rough waters. me, the best The way to overcome stress is to occasionally pull the “boat” pose or the Naukasana. It can help you with many problems that your body may experience. “

She even listed its myriad of positive effects, writing, “It helps strengthen the core and hip flexors. It also strengthens and improves the flexibility of the hip and leg joints. It stimulates the abdominal organs and improves digestion, while improving the stability of the body. Identify a friend who you think should try Naukasana today.

Check it out below:

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