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Local yoga instructor breathes new life into business

Marie Harger has been teaching yoga for over 20 years.

When COVID 19 forced her yoga studio to close in March, she had to incorporate a drishti. In yoga, it means a focused gaze focusing on intention.

“I said, ‘What am I going to do? ”Said Harger.

She decided to pass her instructions on to her students, instead of the other way around. She requisitioned one of her students to help her with the set-up. There were a lot of successes and failures early on, some with the students themselves.

“Some people were using phones, some people were using tablets, some people were using computers,” says Alice Heiman, a student in Harger’s class. “So we had to explain the interface of all the devices they were using. ”

With over a month of classes, Harger said she teaches more students than her studio classes. For a fee, group members can connect from anywhere in the country, and that’s what is happening.

“I have students joining me from the east coast, New Hampshire. A lady just joined me today from Massachusetts. I have students from Canada, Colorado and California, ”says Harger, as she continues to list students and locations.

Marie says she is watching everyone carefully. And make corrections so that his students can fully enjoy yoga in complete safety.

“I love it,” Heiman says.

Harger says she loves him too.

There’s the socialization and the ability to teach more people something she loves than ever before. And because of that, for the first time in his career, yoga allowed him to pay most of his bills.

Harger says that once her business is cleared to open, she will continue her Internet classes.

His next challenge will be social distancing in his studio.

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