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Among the various loans on the market without guarantees, there are payday loans , a product offered for those who do not own a paycheck.

It is essential to be in possession of the PostePay card.

Therefore, there is the possibility of accessing small loans of amounts equal to or not greater than:

  • € 750.00
  • € 1,000.00
  • € 1,500.00

We see all the features of this financing.

As previously highlighted, a special loan that does not require a paycheck and only Postpay holders aged between 18 and 70 are entitled to access it. Below we indicate the documents required to make the loan request:

  • Identity card
  • Health insurance card
  • Income statement document

Foreign citizens will have to integrate with:

  • Passport in addition to the identity document
  • Residence card / Residence permit valid
  • Document attesting that you have resided in Italy for at least 12 months in the case of an employee, and for at least 36 months in the case of a self-employed person
  • Documentation attesting work continuity for at least 12 months at the same workplace.

This type of financing is addressed as anticipated also to those who do not have a permanent job, but precarious or occasional. To make the loan application, you must go to the most convenient post office, fill in a specific form and submit the required documentation (see list above).

After collecting the loan, you must proceed with the repayment of the same, through monthly installments. At the customer’s disposal, according to his needs there are different repayment methods, let’s see them together:

  • with postal bills
  • charge on the Postepay Evolution Card
  • debit on the postal account or bank account

The only downside to this Postapay payday loan is the interest rate that appears to be quite high. Compared to other banking products, the Postapay loan has a Taeg ranging from 15% to 18%, rather high percentages, considering also the low value of the loan.

Let’s take a small example that will help us understand: on a loan value of 1000.00 euros with a duration of 20 months, the customer will have to bear an interest cost of 138.00 euros, considering the very long loan term .  

Below is a summary of the Loans without Payroll:

Total amount of credit 750 euros 1,000 euros 1,500 euros
Contract duration (monthly months-installments) 15 20 24
Fixed monthly commission for disbursement 4.50 euros 6.00 euros 9.00 euros
Monthly payment amount 54.50 euros 56.00 euros 71.50 euros
Total credit cost * 85.50 euros € 138.00 € 234.00
Total amount due € 835.50 € 1,138.00 1,734.00 euros
TAN Fixed 0,00% 0,00% 0,00%
APR 18.21% 16.51% 15.46%