Is calling yoga poses by their Western names cultural appropriation? Internet users stir up a debate

A Twitter user has started a discussion about whether referring to yoga poses by their Western names is cultural appropriation. He shared a link from the popular health information website WebMD in which “Bhujangashan” is referred to as the cobra pose. The poster argued that by removing her Indian name, the legacy of the non-Western people who came up with the pose is made invisible.

“Yes, it’s classic cultural appropriation. Remove the word ‘bhujangashan’ so the benefit can be enjoyed, less acknowledge the legacy of the non-Western people who invented it.”

“Just to explain. A westerner doing yoga or dressing in a sari is not cultural appropriation and it’s foolish to suggest it. It’s when you remove the quotes from the original that it becomes a problem. It’s the same in research, without citation it’s plagiarism.

Internet users weighed in.

“As soon as it is not recognized, it becomes a ‘hijacking’.

“Cheap tactics.. It’s not new at all. It’s been happening for years now. They have copied our age-old traditional medicines, Yoga Asanas and sold them to supposedly educated Indians who blindly follow the west .

“Always. bhujanga = snake (cobra in this case) aasana = pose. They translated this word verbatim as “cobra pose”, but the original quote should at least be there for academic attribution.”

Yoga has surrounded us for ages, but only recently has it been given the proper recognition. In today’s busy society, this ancient practice has become increasingly popular, so much so that it is also endorsed by many prominent personalities and celebrities. And why not? Living in the 21st century, we have all realized one thing: a healthy lifestyle is not just a trend, but the need of the hour.
Regardless of your level of yoga expertise, if you practice it regularly, you’ll feel better from head to toe. Not only that, but Johns Hopkins University has stated that if a person is going through an illness, living with a chronic illness, or recovering from surgery, this age-old practice can become an integral part of the person’s treatment and has the possibility of accelerating the healing process.

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