Instructor Savita Yadav Suggests Easy Yoga Poses You Can Do Even in Bed

Yoga benefits the human being both physically and emotionally. And, whether you’re suffering from an illness, recovering from surgery, or suffering from a chronic illness, yoga should be an important part of your therapy and may even speed your recovery.

A yoga professional can work with patients to create tailored regimens that complement their surgical and medical treatments.

On News18 Live, yoga instructor Savita Yadav demonstrated some yoga asanas that anyone can practice while lying in bed.


Bhujangasana is derived from the words bhujanga, which means cobra or serpent, and asana, which means posture. Bhujangasana is sometimes called Cobra Stretch. Both Suryanamaskar and Padma Sadhana incorporate this position. It is performed by lying on your stomach on the yoga mat and bending your back. In this position, the head is raised like the hood of a snake. This asana helps strengthen the entire shoulders and back. It also helps improve mid-back flexibility.


This asana is divided into two parts: Shashanka, which means moon, and asana, which means posture. Practicing this asana brings serenity and tranquility to the mind. When performing this asana, the contour of the body resembles that of a rabbit, which is why it is also called the hare pose.

Shashankasana is a basic pose that strengthens and stretches the back, waist, arms, and neck. Its constant practice can help reduce anger, fickleness and stress.


Marjariasana is also known as the cat position, in which marjari means cat. This yoga pose is based on the cat stretch and provides your body with ever-feline flexibility. The spine is pulled in the same way as a cat’s when performing this asana, hence its name.

Because it stimulates the reproductive organs, this asana can help relieve menstrual cramps. Regular practice of this asana maintains body posture and helps strengthen joints and muscles.

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