Guj Boy in Guinness Record as Youngest Yoga Instructor | Ahmedabad News

AHMEDABAD: He became a yogi even before he could walk. Practicing yoga since the age of one, Reyansh Surani, now 10, achieved the impossible feat of becoming the world’s youngest certified yoga teacher, setting a new Guinness World Record on July 27, 2021 , at the tender age of nine.
Now settled in Dubai with his family, Reyansh received his certification from Anand Shekhar School of Yoga. He had taken a 200-hour yoga teacher training course to get the certificate. The young guru now wants to teach yoga in the metaverse!
Reyansh was introduced to yoga when he was just one year old, his mother Aashna Surani said. “Everyone in our family, including his grandparents, practices yoga. It influenced our young child,” she said.
Reyansh’s parents, Aashna and Mitul, had attended a yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh, which inspired him to aspire to teach. Reyansh had left Dubai to live in Rishikesh for a month for the certification exam.
Yoga trainer Anand Shekhar, 36, told TOI: “I have been Reyansh’s family for six years now. Their diligence, discipline and love of yoga is commendable.
A press release from the Guinness Book of World Records quotes Reyansh: “It was different! When I first learned that we were going to Rishikesh, I was curious about living a rural life. I saw this side of the world for the first time – a place with such spiritual grip. Reyansh didn’t have internet access or even air conditioning. He quickly adapted to his new surroundings. “I learned alignment, anatomical philosophy and nutritional facts from Ayurveda. It’s an intense journey,” Reyansh said in the press release. Speaking to YOU, Aashna said, “We owe this achievement to Reyansh’s yoga teacher, Anand Shekhar, without whose patience my son would not have absorbed yoga deeply and in detail.”
Today, Reyansh teaches yoga to 50 students, mostly children based in Dubai. “We have settled in Dubai for the past four years and visit Surat every year during holidays,” Aashna added.