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Loans for the renovation of their homes are increasingly used.


Together with these, a decidedly increasing trend is that of financing for the purchase of furniture , also thanks to the tax deductions established for 2017. In this regard, there are various solutions to specific for furnishing costs, to be chosen also according to the budget available.

More specifically, during the current year, those who want to renovate the house can deduct half the amount spent to buy furniture and appliances, until reaching the maximum amount of € 10,000. All this because the new stability law confirmed what had already been foreseen in 2016, with the only condition necessary to send the request concerning the construction of the work on the house to be completed by December 31 of the current year.

Loans to purchase furnishings in addition to those finalized may also fall into the category of personal loans , where, if the evaluation process is successful, the buyer obtains the amount necessary to pay the costs on his account, obviously after established an appropriate repayment plan for the installments. To this end, the documents required to certify the guarantees requested by the credit institution will be necessary for its achievement.

Returning to the good performance of this type of loan, some studies show that in the first half of 2016, loans to purchase furniture reached 10.52% of those requested overall at national level. This is a result that places them in fifth place among the most sought after loans, behind those useful for renovating the house, those for buying a car and those for liquid assets.

Finally, the average amount required for furniture loans amounted to € 9,600, with a decrease of around € 1,780 compared to the average amount recorded for all other types of loans.