Check out Malaika Arora’s three facial yoga poses to get glowing skin and fight aging: Watch the video | Health

Actress and fitness enthusiast Malaika Arora, who is dating Arjun Kapoor, attributes her healthy lifestyle and enviable body to yoga. The star not only stays fit with the help of yoga asanas, but she also makes sure her skin stays healthy and glowing with their help. And now she offers three Face Yoga exercises that can help achieve the same goal.

Malaika’s yoga studio, Sarva Yoga, recently took to Instagram to share a video of the star doing Face Yoga asanas. The exercises help to get glowing skin, fight wrinkles and aging, tone the jawline, etc. The three asanas are Balloon Pose, Face Tapping Pose, and Fish Pose, and Malaika mentioned their benefits as well.

“Aren’t we all looking for natural ways to have healthy, glowing skin? This #MalaikasMoveOfTheWeek treat your skin with love with these 3 facial exercises,” they captioned the post. Scroll to watch the video:

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Balloon pose and benefits:

The video shows Malaika, wearing a black cropped top and workout tights, demonstrating the steps to do the three asanas of Face Yoga. She does the first asana – Balloon Pose – by inflating her mouth and keeping two fingers on her lips to keep the air from blowing out. Then she withdraws her fingers and exhales. The ball pose is a “must-have pose for the facial muscles as it helps with blood circulation,” the post said.

Face tapping pose and benefits:

Malaika did the second asana – Face Tapping Pose – by gently tapping her entire face and neck with her fingertips. According to Malaika, “tapping gives a natural, red glow to the skin, as it stimulates blood circulation.” It also prevents aging and wrinkles.

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Fish Pose and Benefits:

The third yoga exercise – Fish Pose – required Malaika to pull her cheeks and corners of her lips inward and tilt her head back. This exercise stretches the neck area and helps tone the jawline and chin, the post added.

So which Face Yoga asanas are you trying today?