This list of yoga poses to read was originally published exclusively for Book Riot Insiders. Sign up for a two week free trial and join the club! I have been a dedicated yoga student for over five years now, as a teacher for almost four years. I’m finishing my 500Read More →

Yoga can help you maintain a healthy weight and improve your mental health Strong points Start your day the healthy way with yoga Yoga helps improve flexibility and strength Chakrasana May Help You Boost Thyroid Function Yoga can help you stay fit and healthy. It promotes your mental and physicalRead More →

Our appearance reflects our health, and our hair plays an important role in improving our appearance. Healthy hair is a reflection of good health. Dull and unhealthy hair somewhere indicates a lack of adequate nourishment for the body. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle should be included to keepRead More →

We know that practicing yoga asanas can consistently help your overall mobility, strength, flexibility, and sanity. But despite all of these amazing benefits, there are days when we feel tired, lazy, or just don’t have time to fit an entire class into our schedule. No time for a full yogaRead More →

Restorative yoga is a style of yoga that encourages physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. Suitable for all levels, restorative yoga is practiced at a slow pace, focusing on long holds, stillness and deep breathing. Unlike more active styles of yoga such as vinyasa or bikram, you can expect to holdRead More →

Yoga has long been touted for its anti-stress benefits. And research, indeed, backs up that claim. Studies show that yoga can help improve mental health, increase feelings of relaxation and reduce irritability in people who practice it. The mind-body practice helps regulate the stress response, which triggers physiological changes inRead More →

Lakota gambill Every type of athlete, from a seasoned marathon runner to a CrossFit junkie, can benefit from getting on the mat and practicing a bit of yoga. Whether you’re looking to incorporate easy poses and stretches into your post-workout routine, trying to find stress relief after a long day,Read More →

If you suffer from one of the many forms of muscular dystrophy, you may feel that your lack of mobility or flexibility would make yoga a major challenge, if not impossible. The level of disability caused by muscular dystrophy can vary greatly: some people may have very little disability, whileRead More →

The coronavirus outbreak has major ramifications, from factors such as economic and financial stability to health, both mental and physical. Since the former are out of our control, it is imperative to focus on the latter. Making sure you stay mentally and physically fit is the first line of defenseRead More →

Catherine Wirsing In honor of #NationalWorkoutBuddyDay (coming March 1!), WH is posting a series of workouts that are great to do with a buddy, whether they’re in the room next to you or sweating with you from afar. This one of Eve Lynn Chrusta Obe trainer, will help you buildRead More →