A major £ 1.4million study looking at the benefits yoga brings to older people with multiple long-term health conditions is about to start at Northumbria University, Newcastle. The four-year study is funded by the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) and follows evidence that people with a number of long-termRead More →

The internet is full of wellness blogs that recommend yoga for a better sex life, as well as personal accounts of the practice enhancing the sexual experience – often to an enviable degree. Does the research support these claims, however? We are investigating. Modern research is only just beginning toRead More →

The power of yoga! Ancient Spiritual Practice Benefits Central Nervous System, Boosts Immunity AND Gives People Sense of Focus, Study Finds Practicing yoga reduces anxiety and depression, while stimulating mindfulness It increases protein and hormone levels associated with better resilience Yoga and meditation reduce inflammation, which is linked to betterRead More →

Yoga offers tons of mental and physical benefits, but modern variations of this ancient practice are said to offer additional elements of relaxation and healing, and just plain kindness. The most recent yoga trend? Baby goats. Goats run and jump around practitioners, playfully climb on their backs, and are generallyRead More →