Benefits of Yoga | 5 Ways Yoga Benefits Your Mind & Body: 3 Practices To De-Stress, Look & Feel Younger

5 Benefits of Yoga for Your Mind and Body: 3 Practices to De-stress, Look and Feel Younger Photo credit: iStock images

Beauty is an inner expression of oneself. To enhance your charm on the outside, it’s important that you start with the inside. Yoga helps balance your mind and body, leaving you with a calmer, more relaxed version of yourself. Ancient Vedic practice has been found to slow the visible signs of aging and have a major impact on the skin and blood circulation.

Practicing yoga regularly helps you unlock the various inhibitions in your body and mind. True beauty is a reflection of a healthy inner self that can be achieved through healthy eating habits, a regular fitness routine, healthy sleep, and mindful living practices.

Yoga can help you achieve all of your fitness goals as well as work on your inner and outer beauty:

  1. Meditate and shine: Meditation is an integral part of yoga asanas. It increases concentration and its regular practice helps to take control of your own mind. In addition to increasing concentration, it also calms the body and helps relieve stress. A stress-free body will surely reflect positively on the face, resulting in fewer wrinkles, more acne, a broad smile and a natural glow! On top of that, meditations also help detoxify your mind of any negative thoughts that can cause disease.
  2. Healing with Yoga: A combination of various yoga asanas with meditation helps balance hormone levels and body cycles. It is this fine balance of hormones that determines the circadian rhythms of our body which is also a determinant of our aging process. It can also help recover from injuries faster. A controlled and balanced hormonal cycle will result in denser hair, fewer pimples and whiteheads. Not only physically, but yoga also helps in building mental and emotional strength, which makes it easier for an individual to cope with and overcome stressful situations.
  3. Goodbye toxins: Yoga makes your digestive and respiratory system work more efficiently and, therefore, helps flush toxins from your body. It removes all impurities and prevents clogging of pores, dark spots, pimples and acne, etc. In addition to helping your body, multidimensional yoga practices such as Kriyas, Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation help detoxify our brain, giving more clarity in our thoughts and a better positive outlook on life.
  4. Posture: Yoga not only gives you flawless skin and a radiant face, but it also helps you acquire good posture and a supple shape. Daily practice makes you leaner and more aware of your body. It helps deliver oxygen to all corners of the body, allowing the whole body to breathe freely, in unison. Yoga also has a significant impact on stretching the musculoskeletal system which includes muscles, ligaments, bones and joints and helps them correct your posture.
  5. General well-being: By connecting your mind, body, and soul, yoga makes you more aware of your choices, even when it comes to daily eating habits. You are motivated to indulge in more organic foods and cleaner meals. Meditation makes you more aware of your thoughts and actions. All of these elements combined with asanas make an individual happier and happier from within and such radiance is bound to be projected onto the exterior by an individual.

Here are three key practices that help you unleash your inner and outer beauty.

Pranayama: Pranayamas or controlled breathing exercises like Anulom Vilom (alternating nostril breathing), Kapalabhati (cleansing breath), Bhastrika (bellows), etc., help stimulate your lungs and internal organs and clear your mind.

Suryanamaskar: In its many variations, it is one of the best workouts there is. It will open up all the muscles and knots in the body and make all the toxins and stress sweat. The poses help you relax and rejuvenate at the same time, preparing you for the busy day ahead!

Yoga Kriya: The purification practices described in Hatha yoga are very important today. These are real practices to help achieve a clean body and mind by focusing on various eliminatory practices.

Dr Manoj Kutteri is a guest contributor. The opinions expressed are personal.

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