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Student loan: the reality of every student

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Student loan is always a gift.

This allows the study costs, (part of) living expenses, health insurance and tuition fees to be paid. You do not get student loan ( student loan ) automatically. This must be requested from. Student loan is only paid when all conditions are met. In higher education, student loan is always awarded as a performance-related grant. In addition to your stufi, you can also borrow cheap as a student. You will have to pay off this low interest loan within a few years after your study.

Student loan 

If you are 18 years or older and follow a full-time study program in vocational education, you are normally entitled to student loan . If you qualify for this, the student grant will start the first month of the quarter following your 18th birthday.

Student loan can consist of:

  • Basic grant
  • Supplementary grant
  • Interest-bearing loan
  • OV student card

If you are doing a vocational training at level 1 or 2 as a student , your student loan is always a gift. When you have finished your education, you will only pay back an interest-bearing loan. If you follow your education at level 3 or 4, you will receive student grants as a performance grant.

Entitlement to student loan applies as long as you are registered.

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If you attend a full-time (or dual) program at a university of applied sciences / HBO or university, you are normally entitled to student loan . If you are entitled to student loan, you are also entitled to the OV student card.

This student grant when you are in a college or university can consist of:

  • Basic grant
  • Supplementary grant
  • Interest-bearing loan
  • Tuition Credit
  • OV student card

In higher education, student loan is provided as a performance grant. This means that the financing is first paid out as a loan. When sufficient work is performed, the student loan is converted into a donation afterwards. The interest-bearing loan and the tuition fee credit must be repaid after the training.

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If the student loan is not sufficient, extra money can always be borrowed from a lender. We have collected the better money providers on this website. As a student borrowing is very normal, students often earn back very quickly after their studies. Make a choice and request a completely free loan offer for free!