7 Powerful Prenatal Yoga Poses For Moms-To-Be

A great feeling indeed, but pregnancy comes with a lot of tough days. Back problems can wear you out at times, while sore feet can consume your time the next. To alleviate these discomforts, expectant mothers should follow a proper fitness regimen. And what better than yoga can help you during these times. Some prenatal yoga poses can work wonders to give you a hassle-free pregnancy.

Pregnancy yoga is a common fitness process to prepare you for childbirth. Additionally, the asanas involved are well known for relaxing your body, mind, and soul. So, if you are a mom-to-be, embark on the journey of relaxation through these prenatal yoga poses.

7 prenatal yoga postures for pregnant women

Standing side stretch

The standing side stretch yoga pose is one of the easiest. It targets your shoulders and upper back. This yoga pose helps reduce back pain, improves upper body flexibility, and reduces shoulder stiffness. This is recommended for all future working moms as they might have to sit in the chair for long hours. The standing side stretch yoga pose can also be done in a seated position.

Wide Leg Child’s Pose

This prenatal yoga pose works best on your stomach, back, and hips. It helps relieve back pain and stress and reduces the pain of a growing belly. Wide-legged child’s pose opens your hips, making childbirth easier. Hold this pose for about 3 to 5 minutes. However, if you have trouble performing this asana, try its variation where you can extend your arms out to your sides instead of in front.

Bound angle pose

The Bound Angle Pose, aka Baddha Konasana, targets your lower body, specifically your hips, thighs, and knees. This yoga asana helps widen your hips and thighs for an easier birthing process and reduces your knee pain. The linked angle pose also heals sore feet and helps relieve body aches. It is recommended to practice this yoga asana daily to improve the flexibility of your body.

Easy installation

The easy pose, also known as sukhasana, is primarily for your back and hips. This asana is one of the easiest prenatal yoga poses to reduce stress and cure anxiety. This meditation pose also benefits from opening your hips and thighs for an easier birthing process. Other than that, sukhasana works wonders to make you feel calm and relaxed amidst all the chaos.

Yoga squat

Popularly known as malsana in Hindi, the yoga squat pose targets the mom-to-be’s belly, hips, and pelvis. This yoga asana is ideal if your hips are too tight. Malasana helps expand your lower area so that it is easier for you during childbirth. However, if you have trouble maintaining balance while performing this pose, you can always seek support from a stool or a pile of pillows.

cat-cow posture

The cat-cow pose, also called marjaryasana bitilasana, works on multiple parts of your body like your back, stomach, hips, and shoulders. This yoga asana is good for shoulder and back pain. It helps to reduce pressure on your belly and widens your hips. One of the most distinct benefits of this pose is that it helps prepare your body for back work in case you experience one when your baby is born. Perform the cat-cow pose during the last trimester, as it can be beneficial during this time.

Corpse Pose

Corpse pose or savasana targets your mind and helps you relax. This prenatal yoga pose can help calm your mind during pregnancy. However, if lying on your back isn’t easy, try a variation of this pose by lying on your side. Practice corpse pose regularly to get rid of stress and anxiety.

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