5 yoga poses to keep your hair plump and healthy

Our appearance reflects our health, and our hair plays an important role in improving our appearance. Healthy hair is a reflection of good health. Dull and unhealthy hair somewhere indicates a lack of adequate nourishment for the body. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle should be included to keep your hair healthy.Also Read – Omicron Threat in India: States Impose Restrictions Before Christmas and New Years | Watch the video for state guidelines

Yoga is a holistic approach to curing all problems. Himalayan Siddha, Grandmaster Akshar shares comments on yoga poses that can keep your hair healthy. Also Read – 5 Lifestyle Changes You Should Make To Protect Your Heart

Here are 5 simple yoga poses to keep your hair healthy:

Padahastasana– Stand up straight, inhale and slowly raise your hand above your head. Now breathe out and try to touch the ground. If you are flexible enough, you can touch your nose to your knees, if not, do so until your body allows you to bend. Stay in the posture for a few seconds and inhale gradually. Also Read – Fitness Tips: Try These Low Impact Complete HIIT Workouts, Beginners Can Also Try | Order the video


Padangustasana– is similar to the pose above but in this pose you have to hold the big toes with your fingers. You exhale, bend and hold the big toe. Try to touch the nose to your knees. Be in the posture for a while, exhale and come back up. The above two poses allow blood to flow to your brain, which helps nourish the root hairs.

5 yoga poses to keep your hair plump and healthy


Vajraasan or lightning pose-It is a simple but powerful asana. You sit on your knees, putting pressure on the calf muscles. The toes are touching and you are resting on your heels. The hands are kept straight on the knees. Inhale and exhale both occur in the pose. Try to sit as long as possible in the pose. Vajrasana has a direct impact on the stomach and aids digestion. Thus, taking care of digestion solves many health problems. This pose can be practiced after meals. Careful for those with knee injury should avoid this asana.

5 yoga poses to keep your hair plump and healthy

Vajraasan or lightning pose

Balaasana or child pose– For this pose, first come in vajra asana. Exhale and drop your head with your forehead touching the floor. Extend your arms out in front. Stick around for a few counts. Inhale and come back. This pose relaxes you and also allows blood to flow to the brain. The circulation of blood flow to the brain provides nutrition to the root hairs, thereby promoting hair growth.

5 yoga poses to keep your hair plump and healthy

Balaasana or child pose

Matsyaasna or fish pose– Lie on your back with your hands at your sides. Inhale and lift your head so that the crown touches the ground. Stay for a while, breathe out and exit. Matysaasana also helps blood flow to the brain, improving blood circulation and nourishing root hairs. A stressful life is also becoming a major cause of hair related problems.

5 yoga poses to keep your hair plump and healthy

Matsyaasna or fish pose

Involve these yoga poses in your daily regimen, which will not only help relieve stress, but also take care of other health issues.