3 great yoga poses for better sex and better intimacy

Yoga is a Hindu spiritual practice with an infinite number of advantages for your mind, body and soul. Most people on the Western side of the world do not know that the physical benefits of yoga are also incredible for sexual practices.

The most obvious benefits of yoga for your sex life are better flexibility and increased blood flow. These benefits are the perfect ways to improve the quality of your orgasms or your intimate connection if orgasms aren’t the end goal. For couple sex, implementing yoga into your routine improves your intimacy, which, you guessed it, leads to better sex. Basically, if you’re not doing yoga, you’re not only missing out on a healthier life, but you’re also missing out on good sex.

Read on for three yoga positions you can combine with your sexual practices to enhance the experience.

Disclaimer: Always consult your primary care physician before implementing any new practices into your movement routine.

Down dog

If you are a beginner, you know the descending dog. This position is known to open the hips and increase blood flow, making it easier to access the male and female G-spot. One of the best benefits of downward dog is that it increases the lubrication produced by the vulva, which makes penetration even more enjoyable.


The Cobra pose opens up your lower back, making penetration from behind smoother. Your partner can sit on their knees behind you, between your legs as you stretch. It’s a great way to access the G-spot and feel that feeling of fullness that makes penetration incredible.

Corpse Mode or Savasana

The best part of every intense yoga workout is Savasana, probably because it’s the closest thing to the nap you’ve been craving for the entire session. But for couple sex, it allows the body to relax and release any remaining tension.

This position is great for transitioning into the missionary sex position and is also a great starting point for introducing yoga poses into low pressure sex. It also leaves a lot of room for creativity, so try switching to other poses or even try using a sex toy to increase clitoral stimulation.