Metta–Loving Kindness– at The Meetinghouse! Yoga instructor Liz Wendel will be leading Metta on Wednesday evening at the Meetinghouse from 5:30-6:00 p.m. as we hold Ukraine in our hearts. Prayer put forth loving-kindness is a prayer or mantra used in loving-kindness meditation, or metta bhavana. This type of meditation andRead More →

Have you tried practicing yoga to relieve migraines and headaches? Here’s how it can help, plus 10 poses to try. Migraine is one of the most common headaches. Some migraine symptoms can sometimes be severe enough to interrupt daily life, including: nausea light sensitivity shooting pain in the head onRead More →

Image: Shutterstock Yoga is known for its healing and restorative benefits for the mind, body and soul. But how beneficial are easy morning yoga poses when you start your day with them? Yoga practitioner and trainer Dr. Shilpa Patel says: “Doing yoga regularly every morning gets your body into theRead More →

A sedentary lifestyle coupled with poor food choices is the worst combination one can have for developing diabetes. With each passing day, the number of patients suffering from this metabolic disorder continues to grow reminding us to take preventive measures well in advance. Appropriate lifestyle changes to prevent or manageRead More →

Women can suffer from infertility due to modern lifestyle and stress. Keeping your body in shape can be crucial if you’re trying to conceive. You can combine yoga and other fertility treatments under the guidance of your doctor to achieve the desired results. To help us understand which yoga posesRead More →

Hot yoga refers to different styles of yoga that take place in warm, heated studios for a more intense workout. Similar to traditional yoga, hot yoga offers a range of benefits for mental and physical health, flexibility and general well-being. The original purpose of hot temperature and humidity in hotRead More →