Our appearance reflects our health, and our hair plays an important role in improving our appearance. Healthy hair is a reflection of good health. Dull and unhealthy hair somewhere indicates a lack of adequate nourishment for the body. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle should be included to keepRead More →

Melanie Waldman, is a resident of Egg Harbor Township and a member of the EHTHS Class of ’09. After graduating in 2013 from Rutgers University-New Brunswick as a double major with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and media and theater. Waldman began a career in commercial television, film and advertisingRead More →

MONT-TREMBLANT, Quebec, February 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – John Hopkins Medicine1 and the Mayo Clinic2 recognize yoga to increase flexibility and balance, improve fitness and strength, and produce greater focus. During the pandemic, other benefits are encouraging more people to practice yoga online. Yoga helps people sleep better, reduces stress,Read More →

“We are all teachers and students in this institution called life”, a profound quote from Eylin Pérez Chu Molina. She is a yoga teacher from Lima, Peru who has brought immense positivity to everyone’s life with her yoga sessions. As a yoga teacher, she considers herself a student because herRead More →