You want to take out a loan, but where can you do this best?

There is no suitable answer to the question “where to take out a loan?”. The right loan for one person does not have to be the ideal loan for you. With whom you can best take out a loan is therefore completely dependent on your personal situation. How much can I borrow ? What kind of loan do you want to take out? At what time and how much money do you want to borrow? All factors that will influence the application of the loan.

Lend particularly sensible

If you are going to borrow, then lend most sense and do not just take out a loan from the first best lender. Take the time to take out a loan and do not close the loan in a hurry, because it can cost you a lot of money. By carefully determining in advance which loan you want to take out and comparing the lenders, you will take out the loan that suits you.

Read the conditions

Nowadays you take out a loan online, with the danger that the loan will be closed too soon with all the annoying consequences. By comparing online lenders, you quickly see where you can best go to take out the loan that suits you. Please note that you can possibly transfer the loan free of charge. You may now close the cheapest loan but in the course of time this loan may not be the cheapest. It would then be easy if you could switch to a cheaper lender.

Low interest

Of course you also want to take out a cheap loan. By comparing the interest rates of the lenders, you quickly find out where you can take out a cheap loan. The interest rates fluctuate continuously, so it is advisable to keep an eye on interest rates and also if you have already taken out the loan. If you have a much cheaper loan than your current loan, you often have the option to switch. Even though you will receive a fine from your current lender, it may still be worthwhile to switch to a different lender if the interest there is a lot lower.


Each loan form has a number of lenders. The one loan form more than the other. For example, if you want to take out a mini loan for a maximum amount of 1000 euros, the choice is smaller than that you want to take out a personal loan , revolving credit or a mortgage. The more lenders there are, the greater the competition and this can be good for your wallet.


When you take out a loan you will have to see if the lender is affiliated with the AFM. The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets ensures that the lender complies with the rules and obligations. For you as a consumer, this is nice, you know in this way that no usury rates are calculated and that you take out a loan from a reliable lender.

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