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Would you like to request a mini-loan? Because you can use a little more financial space? In that case you can request a mini loan directly online.

minilening aanvragen

Requesting a mini loan or mini credit is done via the internet so you can also borrow money quickly in the evening or at the weekend. It can happen to anyone you need money because something went wrong at home, at the car or there is still an unpaid invoice waiting for you … requesting a mini-loan is the solution in that case!

In the best case you have the money in your account within 10 minutes! Borrowing money without hassle is not possible, and the cost of the mini-loan is low. The mini-loan providers on our site are all members of the AFM so you will pay a low interest rate. Compare the mini loan providers to see which suits you best and look carefully at the current interest rates , this is also necessary if you take out a personal loan or an ongoing loan .

What is a mini-loan?

A mini loan or a flash loan is a loan where you can borrow up to 1000 euros and this loan usually has to be paid back to the mini loan provider within 30 days. The mini loan is therefore intended for bridging a short period, often this loan is taken out at the end of the month in order to be able to pay the outstanding invoices. For larger amounts you can always request a personal loan or a revolving credit . Requesting the mini-loan is very quick and within a few minutes you can expect the money on your account. At the first request you will have to send a copy of your ID and a payslip but you can send the subsequent requests by SMS. There are mini-loan providers that do not carry out a BKR check or where you can request a mini-loan without a pay slip .

Because applying for a mini loan is very simple and very fast, we recommend you to read the general terms and conditions of the lenders, in some cases you will not pay interest but handling costs and / or administration costs. The biggest disadvantage of a mini loan comes up if you do not pay back the loan on time, if this happens, then the financial institutions will charge you a high fine, but you have agreed to the conditions that state that the mini loan within a certain duration must be paid back. For many people, a balance tip is a structural problem that makes borrowing money a monthly recurring activity, so think carefully before you start borrowing money or you might be able to get money in a different way.

Mini loan applications up to € 800, – and money within 10 minutes

If you want to borrow an amount of € 100 to € 800, and want to have money quickly, then We are the right choice. The term of the mini loan with this lender is a maximum of 45 days, because the duration is longer you can borrow more money than with many other online lenders. 

How much money to borrow with a mini loan?

With a mini loan you can borrow an amount of € 50, – to € 800, – it differs per minilening provider how much you can borrow exactly, it is also possible to borrow eg € 70, -. At Cashper as Ferratum you can only borrow standard amounts, with Cashper the maximum amount is 600 euros and with Ferratum it is possible to request a mini loan up to 800 euros. If you want to borrow larger amounts or want to switch your current loan, you can apply for or pay a revolving credit. By switching your mortgage you can save a lot of money on your monthly expenses.

When to request a mini loan?

Requesting a mini loan can be done if something suddenly breaks at home, an invoice has to be paid quickly or if you just want to enjoy it and do not have the necessary money. If you are going to apply for a loan before you check that you are fulfilling the agreements with the lender, you will pay the loan back in time. If you do not do this, then there will be high additional costs over the borrowed amount. Do you think that borrowing always costs money!

Cost of a minilening

The costs of a mini loan are fairly low, you pay a few euros in interest on the loan amount. After all, you also borrow a relatively small amount of money for a short period.

With some mini loan providers, you need a guarantee from a family member or friend if you do not have one, there is often the possibility to pay for it to a commercial institution, which means that you will, as it were, repurchase the guarantee. The latter option does bring additional costs on top of the mini-loan.

Mini loan – how to apply?

Need quick money and want to request a mini loan? But how does that work … You can go to the website of one of the mini-loan providers, after you have read the terms and conditions you can borrow money directly online by first requesting a quote, you will receive the quote for the mini-loan within a few hours in your mailbox. If you agree with the quotation, you can continue with the online application of the mini loan, in the received e-mail from the lender is described exactly which documents you have to submit.

If you request a mini loan for the second time from the same mini loan provider, applying for the loan will be much quicker, including receiving the money faster than with the first application. You can then quickly borrow money by sending an SMS. You see the miniature loan ensures that you quickly receive money at times that you also need money quickly and at minimal cost.

Request a mini loan as a student

Also as a student you sometimes want more financial space, it is therefore possible in some cases to request a mini loan as a student . It is true that other conditions apply if you want to borrow money quickly as a student by means of a mini-loan. As a student you will have to be able to demonstrate that you can also pay back the borrowed money at the end of the term on time. Because this is a bit more difficult for many students, it will often not be possible to apply for a mini-loan as a student.

Mini loan without payslip

Temporary no work and the expenses continue as usual? Even then the mini-loan may be a solution for you, if you do not have a job and want to apply for a mini-loan then this is called “borrowing without payslip”. You will understand that the mini-loan provider applies different conditions if you start borrowing without a pay slip , because the risk that you do not pay the money back on time is greater. In most cases, if you have a benefit you can borrow a lower amount than you would be able to borrow if you have a permanent employment contract.

Advantages of the mini-loan

Borrowing money by means of a mini-loan has the advantages that you receive the money very quickly, also the costs of the mini-loan are rather low. This makes requesting a mini loan a nice solution if you really need money urgently or if you just want to enjoy and have some extra financial space. It does not matter what you use the mini-loan for, it can be for paying outstanding bills but also for a weekend away or just to shop.