You can apply for a loan online, so you do not have to leave the door for that and have little to worry about.


Instead, in a very simple way you ensure that you have some extra money behind you.

Apply for online loan

You can apply for the online loan by indicating that you are looking for a credit. For example, do you need € 200 or € 300 to pay for the messages? Indicate this and apply for a mini loan in this way. The lender will then determine for you whether it is possible to borrow this money. This does not look at the data of the BKR, since access is not allowed. In that respect, you can apply for a loan, even when you already have another loan.

No BKR control

Since no BKR check will take place you can safely apply for a loan. One looks purely at your income and the possibility that you have to redeem the money. For example, do you get enough income to repay the loan after a few weeks? Then you can borrow the money, even when you already have another credit. Moreover, the loan will not affect the next credit you wish to close, as the BKR will not be notified.


You can apply for the loan online, and then submit the supporting documents. For example, show that you have sufficient income at your disposal and that you have not run any other large loans. The latter is your own responsibility, since you have to ensure that you can clear all credits properly. In any case, show that you have a permanent contract, since you can only apply for a loan on that basis. Without a fixed contract, the risk of non-payment is too high, so that you will generally not receive a loan.

Pay off money loan

You can then pay off the loan, for example a few weeks after you have closed it. Preferably use the income that you get paid, as you thereby ensure that you get rid of the credit in one go and, for example, you have the opportunity to apply for a new loan. Also try to make a plan with a mini-loan in advance, about how you will unload the credit. In this way you ensure that you can apply for a new loan, so that you will not run into problems and the costs will not run unexpectedly.