The question is often asked why you have to fill in so many questions before a lender grants you a loan. Would you just lend money to a stranger? Lenders don’t actually do anything else. Moreover, this information ensures that the lender can offer you an optimal service and can propose a solution adapted to your needs and possibilities.

Loan companies online for bad credit have made online lending easy

You complete an online bad credit loan application online via CitrusNorth. Based on this, a credit advisor will check whether you meet the conditions to be able to get a credit. In the case of mutual agreement, you sign the credit agreement. You will then receive a copy of the agreement and a repayment table.

Can you refuse your credit application?

Every credit application is thoroughly investigated. And that is both to your advantage (protection against excessive debt) and to the benefit of the bank. During the examination of your credit application, the credit will, like all creditors, consult the Central Office for Credits to Individuals of the National Bank of Belgium. If your credit is refused, the lender will inform you of this.

Can a lender request a guarantee?

Can a lender request a guarantee?

Yes, there are different types of guarantees that a lender can request.

Do I have to open a current account or other product with the same lender in order to receive a loan? No, the granting of credit is completely independent of the opening of another product. However, the interest rate may differ and be more favorable depending on whether you have another product with the same lender.

What should I do if I have a hard time paying back?

If you really have problems, you should contact your lender as soon as possible, who will try to find a solution adapted to your situation.

How can I submit a complaint?

If you and your financial institution cannot come to a solution, you can appeal to the MediaNation Service. You then submit a written application in which you clearly and accurately inform the MediaNation Service about the dispute. You also provide the MediaNation Service with a copy of the complete relevant correspondence with your financial institution as well as a copy of the necessary or useful documents.

Only natural persons with complaints that concern their private interests can appeal to the MediaNation Service Banks – Credit – Investments. And this only in the case of complaints concerning a cross-border payment of a maximum of 12,500 euros.

Please note, the MediaNation Service is not authorized for a dispute:

  • on the commercial policy of the financial institution
  • that is pending before a court
  • for which a judicial decision already exists.

And, the MediaNation Service does not respond to requests for general information.