Student loan: the reality of every student

29 Jan

Student loan was once an additional loan with the student grant, since 2016 the student grant has been converted into a loan: the study surplus.   Studying costs money. Students pay tuition fees, study materials and often also housing. Previously, students from the government received student finance and part of … Read More »

Experience with Bridgefund loan

23 Jan

What is bridgefund loan? Bridgefund, also known as a bridging loan, offers a quick and easy solution for companies that require immediate capital. In short, it is a short-term loan that is concluded in anticipation of the regulation and / or approval of a larger loan. Bridge fund loan enables … Read More »

Calculate monthly charges on quick loan

20 Jan

If you wish to apply for a loan , the additional monthly payments can not be avoided. With handy calculations that can be made, you can calculate your monthly costs to get a simple and transparent indication of the monthly costs that would come together with your money loan. This … Read More »

Quickly borrow 50 euros with a mini loan

18 Jan

Quickly borrow 50 euros or 1000 euros ? You can request a mini-loan. It can happen to anyone that you want to borrow money quickly because the payday of your salary or benefit is not yet in sight, in such a situation you can choose to be red for that … Read More »

Mini loan without interest

7 Jan

Borrowing money without interest, that is possible if you take out a mini loan or a flash loan. With this form of borrowing, you take out a loan for a short period for a relatively low amount of money (€ 50 to € 800). The amount of money is quickly … Read More »

Loans Without Envelope

4 Jan

Among the various loans on the market without guarantees, there are payday loans , a product offered for those who do not own a paycheck. It is essential to be in possession of the PostePay card. Therefore, there is the possibility of accessing small loans of amounts equal to or not … Read More »